January 16, 2020

Naranji Cleaners Benefits

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Naranji Cleaners Multi Purpose Industrial Hand Cleaner Liquid Safe & Clean

Grimes, Stubborn Stains & Industrial Residues, Dirt And Oil Etc

Naranji Cleaners Benefits : Naranji Industrial Hand Cleaners can clean a vast range of substances from hands, tools and work areas. Solvent Based Paints, NC Paints, Industrial Paints, PU, Silicones & Acrylic Sealants, Inks, Water Based Paints, Epoxies and Grouts, Grease and Grimes, Stubborn Stains and Industrial Residues, Dirt and Oil etc. You cancleanmetal and glass surfaces and many countertops with Naranji Hand Cleaner.

Glue & Spoilage

Naranji Industrial Hand Cleaner has a unique formula that was invented for automotive and paint industry and it cleans the most stubborn stains and residues, hence Naranji Cleaners Benefits as an essential product for machining, garages, engineering units, automotive workshops, paint application and manufacturing, mines and maintenance, transportation, petrochemicals and construction industries.


No need to keep cleaning cloth, cleaning solvents, liquid soaps, moisturizing Vaseline or creams for cracked and dry hands. Naranji Industrial Hand Cleaner is a complete cleaning system. Naranji Multi Purpose Industrial Hand Cleaner leaves your hands hygienic with anti bacterial action, fragrant, soft and Naranji Cleaners Benefits free from contaminants.

Naranji Cleaners Features :

  • Multi Purpose Industrial Hand Cleaner Naranji Industrial Hand Cleaner Is A Scrubbing And Sanitizing Hand Cleaner For Use In Harsh Industrial And Commercial Environments.
  • Safe & Clean Hand Cleaner : The Focus Is To Offer Innovative Products That Are Economical And Path Breaking In Providing Safe And Healthy Alternatives To The Current Consumables For Workers.
  • One Product Multiple Solutions: No Need To Keep Cleaning Cloth, Cleaning Solvents, Liquid Soaps, Moisturizing Vaseline Or Creams For Cracked And Dry Hands.
  • Instant & Highly Effective Hand Cleaner: It Tackle About Any Dirt Or Stain As Compared To Traditional Methods Of Cleaning Like Cleaning With Solvents Or Messy Ineffective Liquid Soap Cleaners.Apart From Replacing Carcinogenic And In-Effective Solvents That Are Harsh On Your Hands And Health, It Shall Bring Down The Cost Of Cleaning And Improve Hygiene In Your Company.
  • Cost Effective: It Shall Bring Down The Cost Of Cleaning And Improve Hygiene In Your Company
Naranji Cleaners