April 28, 2015

Information About Environment

Over the years industry has seen an increasing concern for the safety, health and environment.  Naranji Hand Cleaner is a scrubbing and sanitising hand cleaner for use in harsh industrial and commercial environments where there is a need of instant and effective cleaning.Naranji Hand Cleaner contains natural pumice and powerful citrus-scented cleaning formula that is abrasive enough to scrub off the toughest ingrained grease and grime. Quick and easy-to-use, this unique formulation eliminates prolonged rinsing and leaves no residue behind. Naranji Hand Cleaner has a unique formula that was invented for automotive and paint industry and it cleans the most stubborn stains and residues, hence it is an essential product for machining, garages, engineering units, automotive workshops, paint application and manufacturing, mines and maintenance, transportation, petrochemicals and construction industries.

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